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  • 2 instances of VI SE in Logic 8

    This may have been an old discussion - if so, send me to the link.  I have been trying to setup two instances of ensemble (one with all the woods and brass and the other with perc and strings) in Logic 8.   Seems I can only do one at a time.   Is there a way to have a work flow setup with full orch on one computer?  I am running a Mac pro 2X2.66 with 8 gigs of ram - suggestions would be most welcome, best, Ed

  • Hi Ed.

    All you need to do is create another multi-timbral software instrument under Track/New  then under I/O assign another VE 16.


  • Hello Colin,

    I did create two multi-timbral instruments (instruments one and two).  Only one of them works though.  

    In the V ensemble window I see both of the 16 voice track sheets (the ones that look like a horizontal 16 track mixer with the vertical volume sliders) but only one instance of the remainder of the window (with the vertical list of instruments) and that is the one that I can hear.

    Thanks for your help - perhaps there is something corrupt with one of the track layout but, last time I opened it it worked perfectly well.


    Best, Ed

  • Hi Ed

    I know the mixer in VE is sometimes prone to disappear but can't recall the list on the left going AWOL. I just tried to make it disappear but couldn't. Can't think of what to suggest other than to delete the 2nd soft inst and try again.


  • ...BTW do you have both VEs midi in set to 1 Midi plugin?


  • Hello Colin,

    The two instances of VI SE are separate instruments (one and two) in Logic and they have separate track layouts on the VE page.   Will try reloading the instance that is not working later today.   Thanks for your help, best, Ed