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  • Any solution for this note drop out while changing matrix bug?

    Couldn´t find anything on this forum. So does anyone know how to solve this: 

    When I play a sequence of e.g. a VA-14_sus note followed by a VA-14_perf-legato note, this first note stops to play at the position of the keyswitch note. 

    Same, when I have a sequence of just VA-perf-legato notes. My keyswitches in this case are E1 for the legato matrix and C1 for the cell. So even when I´m allready at this articulation, whenever I put a E1 between the two legato notes, the note, that´s played, stopps at this position. 

    This problem just appears from time to time and just on the strings. 

  •  Are you sure that you don't have another matrix set to C1?


  • Yes. In my case it doesn´t matter where I put the legato patch.

    Some examples: A long sus note is played and holded, than comes the keyswitch to the legato patch = interruption of the first note. 

    A legato note is played and holded, than a keyswitch of this allready selected patch is played = interruption. (Even though this keyswitch shouldn´t have any effect. )

  • Felix,

    What Sequencer are you using?  If you're using Logic, I would be glad to load up a small project example into my system to see if mine stops playing the note.  Let me know if you would like to do this and we can setup a transfer of some files and I will try it for you.  If it's other then Logic I won't be able to help.