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  • Vienna Ensemble as VST host? Or only for Vienna Instruments?

    sorry if this is a silly question but I haven't find the answer elsewhere-

    is Vienna Ensemble exclusively for the Vienna Instruments, or can I use it to host, for instance, Spectrasonics Atmosphere? Yes or no will be an adequate answer ;-)

    I know there are other VST hosts available but I think they all require network audio MIDI to be handled separately, whereas VE seems a very elegant & integrated solution. 



  • At the moment it is Vienna Instruments only. When VE Pro is released (hopefully within a month) you will be able to host other sample players. However, I would imagine that it is up to the 3rd party developers to test whether or not their product works with VE, so I'd contact Spectrasonics etc. and ask them whether or not they intend to support VE Pro.

  • I see Vienna Ensemble 3 is out-is this what you mean by VE Pro? It would be way too expensive for me; I understand that it is a convolution reverb & much more, but I'm simply interested in an efficient networking host for AU Instruments. Maybe there are already other good & reasonably priced solutions for this (Mac & PC), or will there be a "VE Pro" or "VE3 Light" offering this without the other functions?



  •  nigel, it seems you are confusing Vienna Suite (the audio plugin bundle) with Vienna Ensemble 3 (the network host).

    the successor to Vienna Ensemble 3 will be Vienna Ensemble PRO adding features like allowing third party players (eg. kontakt)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks, Christian, for the clarification!

    So can I assume that VE Pro will also be reasonably priced like VE3?

    And is there a realstic release date please[;)]



  • VE Pro is a free update from VE3.

  •  Any news on a VE Pro release date?

  • Hi everybody, 

    there is no VE PRO release date yet - we are doing our best to be ready in the end of july (that´s the earliest possible date).

    There are a few reasons why nobody has made anything like VE PRO before (a cross-platform LAN host, not to mention 64 bit), a lot of tests and finetuning is necessary to give you a stable, bug-free software [:)]

    Thanks for your patience, it will be worth it!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL