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  • Learn and Optimize

    Hi, it's a lovely sunny, peacful day here in Bonn ........... a wonderful scenario for getting down to work with  VSL !  So- my question for today: having used the Learn and Optimize function, if I then add volume automation (Logic) do I need to go through the procedure again ?  Or if I change the delay or sustain ( VSL ) faders ?

    Not quite sure, so am asking you wise guys.


  • Hi Kay

    No reason why you should have to L&O again. It only deletes from memory the samples you aren't triggering. You can add or alter controller info and it won't require reloading any samples.


  • Hi Colin,

    Thanks for clearing this up so quickly. Sometimes one can 'think' too much, and end up making everything more complicated.


  • Hi Kay,

      Colin is correct.  If you're adding in volume or cc11 after you've already optimized, you're fine.  The only thing to be wary of is adding in controller info that will trigger different samples.  So, for example, if you are operating with velocity crossfading on, then you won't be able to add velocity controller info in after learning and optimizing because it will probably trigger samples that have been expunged by the optimizer.