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  • Clarify the OSX/Intel only issue on VS 1.1

    Hi folks. Okay, i'll skip right past the fact that i'm hugely disappointed about the new Convo Verb being for Intel Macs only. 

    With that out of the way, my question is this: I already have the original VS (1.0...) but with these new system requirements (and im on a PPC from right before they went Intel only) i am wondering, is the ENTIRE Vienna Suite (with all its new presets and any other modifications) Intel-only, or is it just the Convolution Reverb that requires in Intel? Can i install VS 1.1 and simply not have the Reverb, or will NONE of it even install on my PPC G5 system?

    Despite the fact that i am disgruntled about this Intel only issue, it sure would be nice to at least get the new presets for this software which i just bought a few months ago, with nary a warning that future updates for it would be incompatible on my system.

    Aside from that, i love ya VSL team, but i know im not the only one still using a massively pimped out PPC who feels a bit befuddled about the disregard towards us "old" computer users  :)


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    Hello mplaster,

    only the Convolution Reverb requires an Intel processor, all other plug-ins work just like before, and of course the new presets are added.

    You can test this very easily by downloading your Vienna Suite software update.

    May I ask what kept you from giving this a try?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL