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  • Varying vibrato

    Hi - is it possible to alter the vibrato effect of eg the flute ?  So that the vibrato rhythm on the lower notes could be widened ( if vibrato is woo woo woo ) then altering it to woooo woooo woooo ) and on the upper notes tightened ( eg to wowowo ) ?



  • Hi Kay.

    The vibrato in VSL isn't variable to the best of my knolwedge.

    The only way I can think of you achieving the results you are looking for, would be to use time stretching for widening the vibrato, and time compression to tighten it. Having said that, I suspect it would be incredibly difficult, or impossible, to use both in the same song, even if you divided the flute part into separate sequences for different parts of the register. Stretching or compression will obviously alter the tempo of the sequences. I'd make do with the woo woo woo. [;)]


  • As Colin says, the vibrato is the vibrato. One way you could do it is in Melodyne, where you can time compress and also alter the amplitude of the vibrato. However, it would be very time consuming.


  • Hi Colin,  Hi DG,

    Actually - I had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't be alterable.   The time stretching /compression would, I think, not only be time consuming but somehow doesn't fit the whole VSL concept. 

    So it'll be 'woo woo woo' all round ! 

    Thanks for answering,


  • Understanding that 'samples' are a fixed recording in time and space ----- but having the option to vary vibrato would be key to our ever needful desire of 'expression'.

    Right now I use solo strings (pfp patches) mixed carefully behind sections to give said expression (that really cannot be achieved even with xfade control - at least to my ears.)  The vl-20 progressive legato patches are nice as well - but of course I want MORE control - suited to what ever music I am working on.

    Kay's desire here is shared by all of us looking for greater expression.  Xfade (with breath controller / pedal) on say - solo woodwinds is just not a workable option (phasing issues) - VSL I am sure is working continually to develop this ability.

    Since I now have all the 'basics' of sample libraries - I look for developers who offer extended control over expression.  When 'expression' is not offered in a new library release - I simply refuse to purchase (no value added to my template.)