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  • Vienna Ensemble and PT8


     Has anybody encountered this problem......  I currently installed Vienna Ensemble for MAC into Pro Tools 8. I load the program into an instrument track and start to assign the instrument and MIDI.  However, when I close or leave the ensemble to work in PT8 then click to go back to Vienna the "connected" screen comes up first.  The Vienna mixer is buried behind my PT8.  I always have to go and find the ensemble.   How can I make the Vienna mixer pop up in front when I click on it as a plug in?, just as the connect screen does and all other plugs in do.  What am I doing wrong????
    Thanks in Advance

  •  Hi Mike,

    I don't use Mac but have encountered that problem.  I have Sonar 8 and to make the screen visible without hunting and pecking  hit ALT then TAB .  This is for PC so I'm sure you know how to translate to Mac.  Somebody on this forum (I think DG) hipped me to it and it works good.

  • Thanks Tony,

        I do have a option key (alt) on my MAC keyboard. I'll try hitting that key then tab... I'll be in the studio this afternoon and give that a try.  Let's see what happens....Thanks again  for the tip.... 


  • It's apple-tab on Macs. Hold down the apple button and press tab to switch between your programs.


  • I'll give that a try as well.  Apple button......That is the key next to the (alt) option key. Right...