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  • Transfer of VE3 Project File

    Hi there, 

    I've saved some project files in VE3 on my slave PC, and am trying to now open them on my host Mac (so that I can do an offline bounce using Logic). The VE instrument connects to my host fine, but then when I try and load the project (i.e. 'Brass.viframe) I just get a blank dark blue background from VE. It doesn't appear to have crashed and says the project is loaded, but there are no instruments there.

    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreaciated!


  • Hi,

    Please try to hit "esc" on your Mac keyboard. Sometimes when transferring projects from Pc to Mac and vice versa some gui update information can get lost. After hitting esc the mixer view of VE sould be visable again.

    btw, it is also possible to do an offline bounce with VE3 running on a slave machine. You dont have to run it on your DAW for that.



  • Hi Christian, 

    thanks for your fast reply - I'm afraid that didn't seem to work though. It's as if it doesn't load the instruments because if I then add a new channel this shows up fine.


    P.S. That's great if you can do offline bouncing with the slave!