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  • Relics IX: elegy for an abandoned dream

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    When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of being an airline pilot, spending so much time in the air above the clouds seemed amazing to me. However, with my bad eyesight I soon discovered that I was not qualified for that kind of job. So, this was one of the first dreams I have to give up.

    I still love to fly and when I see those pilots walk by in the airport I still think what if...?

    So I had to adjust my goals and become another kind of aeronaut, nowadays I take people on an imaginary journey through my paintings and music.

    Dreams can be a powerful drive to keep you going, I believe that we all should dare to dream, dreams keep us young.

    A man with no dreams is turning old quickly.

    On the other hand, you should also be prepared to let go when you realise that your dream is really impossible. Keeping on to pursue an impossible dream can have an immobilising effect on your life, and make you very unhappy.

    This is an elegy for an abandoned dream... a sad and loving goodbye...

    For the people who are interested in the orchestration:

    Like in most of my music, a lot of the instruments are from the Vienna Symphonic Library : solo violin, solo viola, appassionata strings, concert guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet.

    The sad wind instrument is the Armenian Duduk, this is the sampled version from the Silk library by East West.

    From East West I also used the Bechstein piano, and the Symphonic Choirs.

    The soprano and tenor are from Bela D Media. Although I like the samples, I would like to record this piece with real soloists sometime.

    You can listen to the piece on my website or myspace.

    All feedback is welcome...

    Thank you for listening,


  •  That sounds really good.  I want to listen to more of these - good luck on the project!

  • Thank you very much William, I value your opinion very much.

    You can listen to all my music via my website. There are play buttons on the individual pages and a pop-up player on the home page.

    Some tracks and movies can be downloaded on the "free downloads" page.

    There is also a newsletter you can subscribe to.


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