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  • A couple more woodwind questions

    I'm considering the Special Edition Woodwinds download collection as my initial purchase with vsl. Is the staccato articulation the short or long version or both? Is the legato articulation with or without vibrato, or both? Thanks ~

  • Legato artics are with vibrato except for the Clarinet and AFAIK  there is only one version of stacatto in the library as a whole.


  • When I listen to the woodwind demos that are accessed via the download pages, am I hearing what can be accomplished using only the articulations provided with these download instruments? I don't care about the accompanying instrumentation - but it would be nice to know if I'm hearing a demo of what I am purchasing, or of what I get if I purchase the download AND some additional articulations. For example, the oboe, piccolo, and flute demos have some fast repeated notes that would be in question; there is also a passage with 16ths or 32nds that follow a chromatic scale, and one wonders if that is possible with only the download articulations.

  • I'd imagine that the audio demos in the download pages only include articulations that come with the DL instrument.


  • Thanks Colin, for your help - perhaps one of the forum gurus could give an absolute answer on this?

  • Hi Milk

    Just me again. The Forum Gurus were last seen heading for The Bierstrasse.[B] [<:o)]  [|-)]

    You can be sure that the demos of the DL instruments only include the articulations that actually come with it.  I'd say 100% sure.

    I believe that some of the SE DVD demos were made with the addition of some non-SE instruments, but these were drawn attention to under +Arrangement.

    Hopefully one of the FGs will confirm this beyond reasonable doubt but don't hold your breath. The Bierstrasse, so I am led to believe, is the longest street in Vienna. [:D]


  • I know that sometimes articulations in the demo where made with the extended edition of the collection, but it's not consistent. I think really only instruments not included in the collection are noted in the demo.

    Also, I've been to Vienna three times now (Wombat's hostel on the maria-something-strasse = win) and it's an awesome city. They really could take better care of their music history (BEETHOVEN HOUSE, HEILIGENSTADT) but otherswise it's a really nice city. I'd give anything to live there.

  • It is indeed a wonderful city.  I had the pleasure of living there for 3 years while studying conducting at the conservatory.  I was walking to performances and rehearsals almost every day in halls like the Konzerthaus (used in the new convolution), the Musikverein (where Mahler, Brahms, and others premiered their own masterpieces), Theater an der Wien, etc.  Also, the electronic music scene there is some of the most creative stuff going on in that realm...perhaps along with Berlin.

    There is definitely a kind of magic to that city.  And, of course, I miss all the great friends that I made there. 

    Damn, I'm getting nostalgic.  I need to book a ticket to's long overdue!


  • Robert quite correctly points out that the SE Woods demos will contain artics from the extended libraries. Not having read back to the beginning I was referring to the individual download Woods. [:$]