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  • VE3 (PlugIn) and "Offline bouncing" (Logic) ?

    Dear community ,

    I need some advice :

    I'm currently using VE2 in plugin-mode within Logic on my MacG5.

    Now , from time to time I have to do offline bounces, and of course this works fine.

    My question now:

    I will purchase a PC-slave in combination with VE3 / VE Pro and now I'm wondering

    if it is still possible to do offline bounces ?

    Although VE3/VE Pro is located on the slave ,  Logic communicates with this app the same way

    it communicates with other PlugIns , right ?

    Therefore:  is it possible to bounce successfully in offline mode ?

    Thanks in advance

    - Gerd

  • In short, yes. It is possible to do an offline bounce, and the speed you get depends on your slave speed, network throughput and latency. The highest offline bouncing speed you can expect is in the 5-6x realtime range.

  • Thanks for your quick and helpful reply , Martin !

    Best wishes

    - Gerd