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  • Notes cut off after being moved in MIDI editor

    If anyone could shed some light on this I'd be really thankful.

    After I manipulate notes length or position in Cubase MIDI editor,

    the notes recorded in legato patch suddenly get cut off long before

    their respective MIDI events finish playing. I understand the patches are

    not looped etc, but when I initially record them they sound correct, but if 

    I just move such a note slightly vertically or horizontally, here we go. No way I can get its

    correct length back again. I somehow figured out it's got something to do with how close or far 

    such a  MIDI event is to the previous one, and moving  or shortenning a previous note sometimes

    helps, but it's hard to keep the exact timing with such a workaround.

    I use Solo Strings and Chamber Strings I.

    I'm thankful in advance for your feedback.