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  • Anyone been able to create their own 4 channel waves and use it in the new convolution plug?

    I've been creating all sorts of 4-channel waves. They all load fine in Pristine space. But VSL simply refuses to load them. If I reimport them back into Nuendo they open fine as 4 channel waves. Can anyone help?

  • I'm glad to see it is not just me! Stereo wav files load without any problems, but like you, I have tried creating an assortment of four channel files, none of which will load into the VS reverb.

    I hope someone can point us in the right direction!


  • westwoodi, Well I converted my 4channel wave to a multichannel .flac and it works. Exact same file. So either their 4channel .wav import is broken on this or there is some exact specific format it wants. But mine was a standard 4ch 96k combo of a stereo L + stereo R impulse file I put together. Like I said exact same file no changes just transcoded to a flac works. Guess I can just batch convert everything but even though flac is supposed to be lossless, I prefer staying with wave files. Maybe VSL wants to chime in here and help. BTW, how do you add paragraphs in this forum? My message looks fine until I post and it becomes one huge block of text.

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    @CSTeam said:

    BTW, how do you add paragraphs in this forum? My message looks fine until I post and it becomes one huge block of text.

    This is caused by a long standing bug in Safari. Either use another browser, or do a forum search, as other Safari users have given detailed instructions on how to format your posts manually.


  • go to your profile - community - editor and select enhanced,

    this will also give you more options for copy & paste, images, ect


    safari editor settings


    written on safari, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Okay, thanks guys. Looking forward to seeing some white space (or blue space) in this post when I'm done.

    Now if westwoodi and me can get the 4 channel wav questions answered we'll be back on track.

    Nope still bunched up and I checked and it is in enhanced mode, too. I really want the other question answered though.  I feel like I hijacked my own thread.

  • i can only assume it is related to the saved wave format (eg. canonical vs. not canonical) or the method interleaving the 4 channels is handled ... though i always thought this is defined in the specification for RIFF files anyway ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Okay, CM, you got me thinking. I went into Nuendo and checked ' don't use wave extensible format' and it worked.  Thank you.

    So now my only question is do I use quadro or LCRS or does it make a difference?  It seems it should be:

    track 1 L - left

    track 2 L - right

    track 3 R - left

    track 4 R - right

    -- L and R being my two stereo files. 

    This has always been done automatically for me with other convolution reverbs so I have to learn this.

    Plus I can't get any description to show up even though I've added a broadcast wave chunk header. or is that an XML header which I thnk Cubase 5 can add.

    And I figured out how to get paragraph spaces - double returns.

  • The channel layout you describe is the correct one.

    Currently, you will not be able to get any description to appear by adding any metadata to the WAVE header. The only way to get descriptions inside is currently to load a .vci file, which is our internal, proprietary format. We might make this possible in a future update however.

    Regarding automatically handling 4ch files, we are thinking of adding a possibility to load two stereo files to achieve a true stereo impulse.

  • Thanks, Martin.  All questions answered. I can live with the lack of description. Hope this helps westwoodi, too.

  • I have only just had chance to follow this up, but I am happy to report that ticking the 'Don't use extensible format' in Cubase 4 solved the problem for me. So my thanks to you all !

    I would like to give my vote of support for the idea of implementing the option to load two stereo files instead of having to load a 4 channel one every time.


  • Hi all,

    I am very curious about the file format used by the new Convo plugin from the Suite 1.1

    Do you need to load 2 dual channel/stereo files, like in Waves IR1 and Pristine Space? Or does the plugin (also) load 4-channel Wave files? If so, I would like to make VSL-compatible versions of my two IR libraries.

    I'm still surprised that the existing convo plugins do not yet support multi-channel Wave files. My latest SoundForge supports up to 8 channels now and editing and processing of my IRs would have been so much easier and faster in multi-channel mode.



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    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  Thanks very much!

  • Can you not use stereo impulses in the VSl reverb?

  •  Remember that using one stereo impulse file is a Mono-to-Stereo application, that requires summed (mono) input.