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  • A Sample of New Works by Composer Jerry Gerber

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    Here are a few compositions from my 10th CD, Waves.

    The entire CD can be found here:

    These tracks were produced with Sonar 7, VSL, Tera, Massive, FM8 and a few hardware synthesizers. For complete list of tools see


    Jerry Gerber

  • Great stuff, as I said before, Jerry.

    What are you using for the doobadoobada vox in Rhapsody?

    I love it.

  • Thanks Nick.  I admit my ignorance regarding "vox"!  Do you mean something like a voice processor?  In any event, I am triggering those voices from the Roland XP-30, using the vocal card option that Roland created.  Several of the vocal patches can trigger different vowel sounds and tonal changes at differing midi velocities.  I took full advantage of that when orchestrating the melody they are singing.  By the way, you have a better sounding version on the CD I sent you.  Rhapsody is the first piece 



  • Hi Jerry

    Tried your link several times but with no success.


  • Hi Colin,

    I've heard there may  be some problems streaming the mp3 files if you're using Quicktime. I haven't been able to figure out why, I created the mp3s in Sound Forge and they work fine with the Windows Media Player and probably other players as well.  I suggest downloading the file and then it should work fine.


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