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  • Unsure how to authorize extended edition...

    Hi there, i just purchased the SE extended library and was given a serial # and authorization code. I was told that i would already have the files and that i'd just have to input the #s to access them - can someone tell me how to go about doing this. Do i need to reinstall VSL SE from the DVDs?

  • No need to reinstall Village Sound.  Go to User Area  then click on Product Registration. Enter your serial number in Extended Library. Then open License Control Centre and enter your Authorisation code in Wizards-License Download.


  •  to add: the Special Edition Extended Library if purchased online results in an immediate registration (to the respective account) and the activation code is displayed on the confirmation page (as well as sent to the registered email address).


    so all you had to do is open the license control center, launch the download license wizard, enter the activation code and download the license to your key already holding the license for the standard edition - make sure no vsldaemon is running when doing so.

    this will so to speak result in an upgrade to the full library.


    the content of the extended library has already been installed alongside with the standard library - that's why you can try it before buy using a demo license.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • HI, thanks for the help. I have registered the extended library and launched the download wizard. After inputing the authorization code, I am asked to select license to upgrade (i seem unable to select anything). When i hit refresh, a warning comes up saying ;There was no license to upgrade found. When downloading an UPgrade-License, the license to Upgrade must be present in a eLicenser...' Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dave

  • Hello VillageSound,

    I have just checked your key, and there were no licenses on it, "just" the demo license. Of course you need to download the Standard Library licenses before you can download the Extended Library licenses....

    Hope that helps! If you need the Standard Library Activation Codes again, please write to support (at) vsl (dot) co (dot) at



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL