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  • Clean install of Vista 64 bit

     I made rthe plunge and went from XP Pro 64 bit to Vista Home 64 bit. Now when I open a Sonar 7 file that uses Vienna Instruments, they load but I get multiple error messages saying that the custom file is inacessible. I had no custom files loaded and this is new to me. I checked directory manager and things look good there. Any thoughts as to what is going on? The song files play, but I must close all these error messages first.



  •  welcome Dennis,

    given the error message is indeed referring to the VSL custom data folder (not 100% sure because you mention the term *custom file*) i could think of the following:

    applications on XP store certain files in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\ or \[all users]\ whereas VISTA is using C:\Users\[username]\ or \[Public]\ so any saved references to former paths might fail.


    since you also say you don't have a custom file (preset, matrix) loaded i'd more suspect sonar trying to refer something else and not to a VI setting. double check if the issue remains after saving the project under a new name (eg. myProject-vista) and re-opening this one then.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.