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  • Sluggish Interface after update to VE 3452

    Hello folks. Just this week i updated my Vienna Ensemble to the newest version 3452 (i was on 32-something just before) and now all the info in the VE interface windows is noticeably sluggish. When i click on any tab, any menu, any little [+] box to open a sub menu of presets, there is now a lag of about 1/2 second to 1 full second. It's tremendously annoying.

    I opened a standard Vienna INSTRUMENT in Logic and i do NOT get the lag; it runs smoothly as always, instant reaction to clicks. But in VE it is now always doing this. Even when i open up a new default instance (with only Master Bus and one Instrument channel) it still does this! Is this a known glitch? Anyone else experience any changes since the update? It cant be a RAM issue, as i noted it does this even on a first startup with empty template. And seeing as how VI runs fine (in Logic) i dont see how its a problem with my computer stats. Please help! I'd rather go back to a previous version if it remains this way, but there are no archives of older software build on the VSL website.

    For the record, PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5Ghz

    OSX 10.4.11

    8 Gigs of RAM.

    Logic 7.2


    > michael

  • Hi Michael

    This problem's already been reported and I believe VSL are working on a fix.


  • So is there any estimate of when there might be even the tiniest update to address this? This glitch is killing my workflow >:(