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  • Is there something like the VI-16_perf-legato-sus for solo strings?

    I´d like to be able to hold some solo string notes a little longer, than it is possibile in the actual legato patches. Just like I can with e.g. the VI-16_perf-legato-4V. 

    Does anything like that exist?

  • Hello Felix,

    sorry to disappoint you. There was no way to loop the sustained samples (it simply didn´t sound good), but there are 2 workarounds:

    1) Retrigger the note you want to sustain (best with a sustain pedal pressed, so that the transition is smooth), you will get a repetition sample.

    2) Crossfade to a sustained patch right after the note transition.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Felix,

    This is a returning issue on this forum I believe, because of the rather disappointing situation.

    You might try out if this little tool will suit you: with the so called joystick skin, after having allocated the x and y parameter to your needs, you may have some nice results: it affects two CC values within one mouse movement. I use this tool in Tracktion (OK) and Sonar (which was a small hassle by the way), so I can't tell you if it works fine in other sequencers. But there is a demo-possibilty, so why not give it a try?

    After some attempts and experimenting I was able to have fine transitions! It would have been nice if this issue was solved by the VSL team BTW by incorporating such a tool in their plugin's. So, nice people in Vienna, you have been invited.....



  • Thanks a lot. I´ll try that.