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  • crescendo

    Hi guys. Sorry if this has been asked thousands of times, but how do I get the velocity of an instrument to rise/fall throughout a note? I can do it manually with the note velocity bar, but how do I get it recorded? I use logic pro 7/Vienna ensemble, and my keyboard doesn't have a fade/pitch bend nob. Thanks in advance. Jon

  • You need some kind of midi controller - expression pedal, mod wheel, knob etc that you can assign to. 

    If you don't have a CC controller, you can always draw in the fade in Logic. Just assign the velocity fade on VSI to a control number, then in Logic draw in the fade for that control on that track. 

    I haven't used Logic in years, so if you need detailed steps, you should be able to look it up in the manual. 

  • thanks for the replies. what i don't understand is 'just assign the velocity fade on vsi to a control number'. Which control number? There are 120 or so control numbers that appear when I try and do this. Some are named 'pedal' rather than given a number, and that links up to my keyboard. But since there isn't a knob or tuner wheel on my keyboard, I can't do that. How could I make it so that I can actually use Logic (I use Logic 7), rather than my keyboard, to perform velocity fade? Which control number do I choose? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • You can use any controller number you want to, although I would keep away from the ones normally reserved for other purposes (Volume, Expression etc.).

    Just click Map Control on the Perform page (top right of the GUI) and assign it manually.


  • Hi Jonathan

    I'm using Logic 8 so I can only describe how it works with it. Hopefully it's the same in 7.

    1) Open Hyper Draw and open it's controller menu.

    2) Select "Other" and then e.g. 20.(cc20)

    3) In VI go to Perform Control and enable VEL XF.

    4) Alt-click to learn.

    5) In Map Control select ControlChange for Source and no.20 in the Controller menu.

    6) Pencil in your data in Hyper Draw and hopefully when you playback it will work!


  • Thanks Colin, that worked a treat. So that leads me onto another question - which I guess should be in the Logic Threads, but since I started here already.... - is it possible to hyperdraw for more than one midi track at the same time? It would save me a bunch of time if I could do the velocity fade for the whole orchestra in one go instead of doing each track individually. Cheers. Jon

  • Hi Jon, glad it worked okay.

    I'm not sure whether you can create controller info for every track at the same time "live".  What you can do is open an event list for your region (or track) with the vel xfade data in it. Deselect note data etc leaving only the controller data, then under  Edit - "Select All"  then  "Copy". Click on the next instrument track and an empty event list should appear. Select "Paste at original position".The xfade data will now be on that track too.

    There is probably a way to copy the data to all your tracks/regions at the same time but it's a Bank Holiday weekend and the party started a few hours ago. That bottle of beer has my undivided attention for now. At least until the next one. [:D]