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  • Vienna pro demo problem (RECOMES!)


    Download the demo and install it on my slave computer OK  and open the Vienna ensemble Server:ok

    but in my master computer  I don't see any plugin in Cubase that open the "Vienna ensemble server interface"  like on page 7 of the manual or in the video

    both computer XP

    Tahnks for help

    Best regards


  • .... Finally it works well!

     the confusion was with the name of the plugin : Vienna Ensemble  in the master and before this name was for my Vienna Ensemble 2.


  •  Hello,

    the problem comes back...when I select the plugin in cubase sx 5 instead to open the "Vienna ensemble server interface " as when it works

    Now it wants to open the "vienna ensemble server" :

    scanning licence
    scanning contents files
    a proper licence cannot be found to run this software

    thanks for help