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  • Is "Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Instruments II Special Edition" same as "Vie...

    Hello! I'll attempt (oh, help me) to keep this post short. [:D]

    My post's subject may sound funny, but the seemingly subtle difference between the two item names (in the subject above) prompted me to press the panic button. [:O] By the way, I'm totally new to the concept of virtual instruments (though I've done some research). 

    After (supposedly) thorough research, I noticed that "Vienna Instruments Special Edition" (here in our VSL site) mentions VST, AU, and RTAS. However, in sites of VSL's authorized dealers (such as Sweewater and B&H), the name that appears is actually "Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Instruments II Special Edition" (yes, with the "II") and it consistently mentions VST and AU only (and no RTAS!).

    Therefore, I'd like to ask if there truly is a world of difference between the two names (one with the "II" anf the other without the "II")? Because, if so, then this will pose a problem since I had read somewhere that Pro Tools is only RTAS and not AU. I am really hoping that the "Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Instruments II Special Edition" works with my set-up (please see details below), because I've already ordered it and am just hoping to get a very speedy (please!) reply here in the hopes of being able to still cancel my order from one of VSL's authorized dealers. [:O]

    If someone can, help, I'd really (really) appreciate it very much.

    Just in case, here is my set-up: Pro Tools LE 7.4cs9, Intel Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9 on Macbook 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 667MHz 2GB Memory 120GB Hard Drive, Glyph GT050Q Firewire 250GB.

    Really hope someone can help me soon! [:$] Thank you.

    *Regards, Gino

  •  welcome gino,

    the confusion can only originate from some not updated pages on the dealer's websites ... to explain: formerly solo strings to percussions (V01 - V10) have been referred as Vienna Instruments I and everything else as Vienna Instruments II (just some grouping)


    the special edition collection comes at first as a standard library and can be completed with the extended library.

    if this is not enough you cann add the special edition PLUS - again a standard and an extended library


    btw: 2 GB RAM is ok, but you probably want to add some memory to use the special edition to its full extent.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Christian, as well as for the immediate help! [:)]

    I'm new to the VSL world and your explaining V01-V10 clarifies my initial confusion. Maya Vinson of support also says she'll have that slightly misleading info on VSL SE on other websites managed.

    So i guess it is safe for me now to assume that the "Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna Instruments II Special Edition" I had ordered is indeed the VSL SE as desrcribed here in the VSL DVD product page. [:)] thanks for clarifying the standard and extended libraries. i did opt for the VSL SE Standard Library.

    Thanks, too, for the note re: the RAM.

    But, hope you don't mind, if i may ask another question while we're at it. >>> As I'm not yet decided on upgrading to OS 10.4.11 (or higher) because of possible incompatibilities that may arise with PTLE 7.4 and other previously-installed PTLE 7.4-related software (and my being on a tight budget), would I nonetheless still run fine with 2GB max (OS 10.4.9 on my Intel Mac 2.16 GHz) as i work with VSL SE Standard Library ONLY? (Maya explained this very well to me as well, but I also wish to know what your thoughts are on this)

    When you metioned that I'll "probably want to add some memory to use the special edition to its full extent," did you mean "full" like if I decide to add the Extended Library or did you mean like if i decide to add the Special Edition Plus? In other words, how far do you think can I go with my current set-up? [8-|]

    I appreciate your time and your thoughts! [:)]

    Regards, Gino

  •  well, if you're in contact with maya you're in best hands ... ;-)

    having everything from SE full loaded (something you wouldn'd do in any arrangement) needs ~ 4 GB, standard only ~2GB RAM, so selecting a little bit carefully from matrices or patches rather than loading presets should get you pretty far ...

    if your system works fine with 10.4 and PT 7 just stay there - so to speak: never touch a running system ;-)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • whoa! that's great to hear! yes, Maya and her colleagues are indeed wonderful support! [Y]

    and thanks for the tip regarding the matrices and patches (i still have a lot of learning to do though as I'm unfamiliar with what those are and me being new to virtual instruments and VSL and all). i will definitely stay with the VSL SE Standard Lib for now, given my Mac's 2GB max RAM. i feel better knowing i can use VSL SE Standard Lib with my curent set-up. thank you, Christian, i really appreciate it! [A] roger to "never touching a running system." [8-|]

    thanks, again, for your time and thoughts!

    regards, Gino