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  • DIETZ....Eq question..

    Hi Dietz.......In VIenna suites you have a "less direct" eq set for the respective chamber string sections ..........this EQ is not intended for Chamber II as well is it?.......


  • Uh ... I'm not in front of my machine right now, and I have to admit that I don't know all of those hundreds of Presets I made by heart any more 8-) ... but usually I tried to be very precise with my descriptions. So - if there is no dedicated "Less direct"-preset for Chamber Strings II, then it looks like as I didn't create one.

    But OTOH - just try the one that's included for Chamber Strings I. "If it sounds right, it is right" ;-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz,

    thanx for swift reply......BTW with that huge cut in the upper mids the Chamber Strings are finally useful......thanx!


  • Svk - I am with you.  I have almost been apprehensive to even try some of these 'presets' out - given their what appear to be radical cuts.  But as Deitz says - if it sounds good - it is good.  And these sound better than good.

    Deitz - I beseech you to release what 'updated presets' you have NOW and not wait for any VEP release in a month or two.   I would love to have presets for CH2, WW's, etc.   Really good stuff.