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  • Remote Desktop connection problem Cubase main - VSL Slave

    Would anybody know what the solution might be?

    I have two Vista 64 PCs. The main with Cubase and the slave with VSL.

    I used to be able to connect to VSL through remote desktop. But after upgrading my main PC I can't log on to VSL.

    The message "incorrect user name or password" appears.

    But what is the most frustrating is that when I try to change/reset my log in info Vista prompts me to insert floppy or flash drive, I do insert the flash drive but am still unable to change/reset the password.

    I've been stuck like this for several months and have to use 2 keyboards, 2 mice and a separate monitor for the VSL PC.

    Tried various things, suggested on the net but nothing works.

    I'd greatly appreciate any advise.

    Thank you.


  •  maybe just a tiny issue .... assuming you have added remote desktop to the exceptions for the firewall and double checked the *allow users to connect via RD* in system settings ...

    possibly your both computers have not assigned the same workgroup name and so the other computer name is prefixed to the logon user, what finally fails

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.