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  • Download stuffs disappeared my user account i cant download VE. Just available the latest V.I. Version. Is that normal ?

    Thanks in advance.

  •  This is how I get to it:

    1. USER AREA
    2. Vienna Software
    3. Software
    4. Vienna Ensemble

    Does that work for you?


  • I am sorry, now i've notice that.

  •  since SOFTWARE needs more and more space it has been moved to a seperate menu below USER AREA,

    you guess it already: we are preparing things for VE PRO and the MIR ;-)

    also the SPECIAL EDITION (DVD and DOWNLOAD) will be moved soon to a seperate menu


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • The way it's setup now is different obviously but to me it's cleaner and more intuitive.  I prefer the design of it now better then it was.  Much easier for me to find exactly what I am looking for instead of filtering through the masses.