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  • Solo String run tempos?

     Hello. One of the intriguing sample sets in the strings category is the sets of runs. I currently have the standard solo strings license and I am considering getting the extended,but I am curious to know how versatile are the included runs at various tempos. Am I going to have to do a lot of subdividing,or is it based on how quickly you trigger the keys. I personally find that I can accomplish abouit 90% of what I want with the standard set,except convincing runs.[:(] So,at this point justifying such a large upgrade $ for one particular sample set is hard to do,and it is especially harder if the sample set is very limited in the tempo realm. I realize that they do not tempo sync to a project,but that is not what I am asking.Of course non vibrato sustain would be nice as well.[:)]

    So,I guess I am wondering just how versatile are the various run sets in the Solo String extended set? I have seen the Guy Bacos video demo,but I can,t really extrapolate very much from just the video.

    Thanks very much for your input.


  •  Hmmm. Perhaps if I posed the question differently, I might get a response. To those of you who do own the extended Solo String library,do you find that the included scale runs and  Fast repetition articulations are effective in tempo based music,such as some world beat and some pop stuff,or are they more appropriate for free form playing?

    Thanks again,


  • I have most of the solo string material. I do not have the mutes, so I cannot comment on those patches.

    The scale runs play quickly. They are only avalible at one speed (I hope this will change in the future). The violin plays an octave. Different keys may selected. If it a slower scale that you need, you could try using a performance legato patch, and if that will work for you. I think most of those patches are part of the extended set. I think the run material excists on the violin only.