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  • Loading VSL Special Edition Demo#01 sequence in Logic 8

    Has anyone been able to successfully load Christian's SE demo sequence into Logic 8? I'm a new VSL SE owner and Logic 8 user and wanted to check out the template in the demo sequence, but it causes Logic to hang when I try to load it (or the optimized version). I realize the sequence was made in Logic 7, but shouldn't it be able to load into the later version of the sequencer? Thanks.

    My setup:

    Mac 2.8 ghz octo core with Mac OS 10.5.6

    10 gb memory

    Logic Studio 8.0.2

    VSL SE+extended

  •  welcome Jazzbozo,

    can you load any patch from the Special Edition? if a similar effect shows up please double check in AU manager VSL is validated.

    even before I'd reboot and run a permission repair from disk utility just for security ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • IĀ“ll look into it and will get back to you ASAP.


  • I can load the Demo.lso in Logic 8.02 (Mac Pro with OS 10.5.6). I have chosen "Logic projects" as file type when the "open" dialogue appears.


  • Proving once again that new doesn't always mean better, I did a fresh reinstall of Leopard 10.5.4, reinstalled Logic 8.0, and this time, instead of using the latest Vienna Instruments and Syncrosoft LCC files, used the versions on the CD included with my VSL SE: everything loads perfectly now.

    I'm going to use Time Machine from now on and backup after every software update to make sure I can recover from software updates breaking my installs.

    Thanks for everyone's help!

    If I could just figure out this line break thing.  I'm writing this on Firefox and it's still not formatting correctly :P

  • Hi, I have a similar problem. Installed the VSL Special Edition (standard library) on friday using latest available software versions (i.e. not the one on the CD). I have gotten VSL to work standalone and in Logic. I was not able to load the demo song without Logic crashing on me, but I managed to build a similar arrangement from scratch using multiple instances of the plugin. However, now Logic crashes about four out of five times when I try to load my first project (or the template I created from it). When it loads, it is a quite significant loading time (minutes...). I have tried Jazzbozo's tip on installing the CD-version of the VSL player, but I was not even able to unzip the archive. I am very content with the product when it delivers, but the stability right now is not acceptable. My Loqic has always been stable before running plugins like Celemony and EZDrummer. Any ideas out there? System config: MacPro 2x2.8 GHz Quadcore Intel Xeon, 6 GB of RAM, Mac OSX 10.5.7 (latest), and Logic Pro (8.0.2) License Control Center ( and Vienna Instruments (2.0 build 3452)

  • Hello toblar,

    the Demo #1 was created on a G5, Dual 2.7 Ghz - it should be absolutely no problem to play it on a MacPro....

    Do you get any kind of crash reports? Please send these to our support team, with as much information as possible.

    Concerning your first project: please include this project as well.

    What worries me is that your MacPro crashes when trying to unzip a file.....

    In any case, try to "Repair Permissions" every now and then (with the app "DiskUtitlity").



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi, i have also a problem with the demosong and the hole setup of my computer: I use a 2 x 2.66 GhZ Dual Core with 12 Gb RAM. The OSX Version is 10.4.11. I own the Vienna Special Edition. My Audiinterface ist just a Yamaha USB MW10c Interface When i open the demo song in logic 8.0.2. the Demo Song plays BUT when i stop the demo-song and choose any Sound (no Matter if there is a percussion sound, a string, a horn whatever) the CPU starts to scratch and right from the start goes to red... THIS is the Demo Song... Than i built up my own new setup which is: Running Vienna Ensemble (v2.0 build 3452) by choosing a multi-instrument in logic.. I did this 4 Times (In the vienna ensemble service are 4 active instances)..and the 4 differenet vienna ensembles i use 1st for Strings the 2nd for Woodwind and so on... I thought every instance can load up to 3 or 4 GB RAM - and with the loaded instruments i never hit this limit.. BUT SAME Problem.. After a while the Audio starts scratching and the sounds are just unplayebal! So whatĀ“s wrong here?? ANY Idea please??

  • Hello and welcome Stibi74,

    unfortunately you cannot load 4 VE instances and access 3 GB of RAM with each - itĀ“s about 2.5 GB all in all, for all VE instances. You can load additional samples (2.8 GB) in your Vienna Instruments.

    Could you please elaborate which versions of software you are using? I donĀ“t know your USB interface, but I hope the drivers are updated regularily.

    Please also specify what "after a while" means - could you play back the song once? Do you get any error messages?

    Did you try freezing a few tracks? Does that help?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Is it possible to use the demos in Logic Express 8? It does not have the Space Designer but I'd like to see other things in the demo setup. Regards Pekay

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    Hello Pekay,

    that should be possible, I have not tried it yet. ThereĀ“s also a MIDI file and the presets included in the Project Files, so itĀ“s definitely possible to check out this demo song.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Okay - this explains some of the problems - is this issue fixed if i would update to OSX 10.5 with an MacPro 8core Machine or makes it more sense to Slave a 8Core PC System as a "Vienna ONLY Slave"?? The Interface uses the built-in audio drivers of osx - no additional driver is needed I can play the song once and after stopping and start from the beginning the scratching start.. Most of the problems are makes the Brass Section - even if the Strings run smoothly with round about 25 % CPu Usage (Logic CPu Meter) as soon as i play a single horn note the CPU goes to red... Is it possible to freeze the VE? Because the VE in multi-session mode, there is no freeze knob on Logic - i can not freeze the VE..but i can freeze the VI Parts - that helps... The VE is V2.0 build 3710 The VI is V2.0 build 3710 OSX is 10.4.11 Logic is 8.0.2 Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Some additional comment: So i just took the Special Edition Demo Song - i played it several times (3 - 5) - than i deleted all the original files and just tryed out the Sounds used in the song - for maybe 10 - 15 Minutes..the Arrangement is still empty: And now itĀ“s not possible to play a Horn Sound without hiting the red zone in the cpu Meter and hering digital scratches..(Red on only One Core)..and there is nothing to playback!Nothing is recorded and the sound is just a simple legato of the 14s Hotr on Midichannel 6- And i just play the sound without running any recording session or play... Any Ideas?

  • Hi all Where can I find the demo song? Best regards, Abdullah AL balushi

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    HI Abdullah,

    ItĀ“s in our User Area!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I just recently looked at the Special Edition tutorial again.  May I say, it is a nice piece of work.  Thank you for providing it.  It was fun to study.