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  • Vienna Suite Au validation problems

    Have just downloaded and installed the Vienna Suite Demo.

    When starting Logic AU validation crashes the AU manager.

    Have installed several times using fresh downloads.

    Have restarted after fresh install etc etc.

    Have repaired permissions.

    Still no Joy

    Logic is 8.0.2

    MacPro 2x2.8 GHz Quad

    OS 10.5.6

    Download is ViennaSuite-OSX-1.0-r1056

    At one point I saw text such as:

    NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object ... just leaking

  • Hi Sandpiper,


    Have you actually activated the Date License after downloading it to your Vienna Key?

    You need to do this in License Control Center - simply choose Wizards/Activate Date Licenses - before you can use the 30 days Demo period!


    Best, Marnix

  • The Demo does have an expiration date of 19th May  and 30/30 starts but I ran the Wizard - there was no feed back from that other than:

    Establishing internet connection and then a few seconds later scanning for e licences.

    Still same failure to validate.


    Although the licence appeared when opening the Licence Control Centre I realised that the Licence Control Centre software was older than the date of the the Vienna Suite. Upgrading to the latest version allowed proper validation. I had to go through the AU manager and rescan the components manually.