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  • Vienna Ensemble work around

    I'm trying to write an orchestral piece with 1st and 2nd strings. Using SE in Logic. However, if I load say the cello samples in to midi CH 1, when I try to load another set of the same samples into CH 2, it just uses the same samples, and I do not seem able to get different articulations simultaneously on different channels. Can anyone suggest a workaround? cheers. Guy

  • Hi Guy

    Make sure that you have selected "1 Plugin MIDI In"  in the MIDI In menu for all your channels and that Instrument1(cello) is Channel1, Inst2 (same cello) is Ch2 etc. Should work no problem.


  • Thanks Colin - I'll give it a go. Guy

  • Did you get it sorted Guy?


  • Yes it seems to work fine now - thanks so much

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