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  • VE3 over Network Crashes when Loading Project

     I know this problem has been discussed before - has there been any progress in getting it resolved?

    Recap: quite frequently when I load a project that uses networed VE3, the VE3 instance on the slave crashes (my main DAW is Cubase under Vista 64 and my slaves are XP64).  So I have to re-load VE3 and go back and manually reconnect all of the VE3 instances.  This takes a lot of time...

    It doesn't happen every time; maybe half the time.  I'm resurrecting this question because it's a particular pain for a cue I'm working right now...



  • Hi rgames,

    sorry to hear about this.... unfortunately we cannot reproduce this behaviour here.

    Could it be that your hardware has a part in all this - it seems like you are running into a lot of troubles from time to time, so maybe that´s the culprit.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • It was a known issue when I first asked a few months back - maybe it's been forgotten?  :)  Here's the original thread: I originally thought that Cubase was crashing when the slave VE3 crashed but it turns out it was just locking up and sitting there.  If I wait a few minutes, Cubase eventually comes back to life.  I also thought it was originally related to my software KVM (Kavoom) but I got rid of that and VE3 still crashes.

    Here's someone else with the same problem:

    It could definitely be my hardware.  My hardware is barebones and standard: ASUS motherboard, Core2Duo processors.  I'm using the network connection on the ASUS motherboard.  The slave machines run nothing but VE3.

    However, I will point out that when I was having MIDI problem with VE2 and I bought all new hardware to match what you guys were using, it turned out to be a software problem that was fixed in an update ;)

    Thanks for the help,


  •  Any suggestions here?