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  • VE PRO question


    I would like to know if I could use VE PRO in a 32 bits host with my sequencer and a 64 bits server with VSTi and samplers and take advantage of RAM resources in a 64 bits enviroment.

    Thank you,

  • Hey Tari - good to see you here.  Let's let Paul confirm but I think this WILL be possible.  Right now I am on x64 (C4 32 bit) and have VE3 on that main daw loaded with 5 GB of VSL samples (plus 2.5 of other Kontakt libraries - both are VSTi's).  I think the same will apply with VE PRO (At least I am banking on it!!!!)

    All the best,


  •  Hi Rob! Glad to see you too [:)]!!!

    If the answer is yes, then definitely VE Pro will be a must!

    Thank you,


  • I am not sure about this one because I haven't tested it before however, I found this on Cubase website.  This is a posting from the 32-bit version of Cubase running on a 64-bit Windows XP/Vista machine.

    The VST Bridge for plug-ins and Virtual Instruments

    The 64-bit Preview version of Cubase/Nuendo for Windows Vista 64 contains VST Bridge capability, which allows you to run VST plug-ins and instruments, even if they are not (yet) available in 64-bit format. This is meant as a transitional aid until your favorite plug-ins are replaced by true 64-bit versions. Check the availability at the respective manufacturer’s website.
    Please keep in mind that all 32-bit plug-ins used via the VST Bridge still have to share a maximum of 4 GB RAM - the 32-bit limit remains regardless of the overall installed and available system memory.

    But maybe VSL is able to address different memory spaces PER INSTANCE of their VE3 software.  I know right now it sort of works that way on my Logic/Leopard install.  Each instance I run gets its own couple of GB's of ram if done properly.


  • Thank you for the info! But my question is easier:

    Can I run this wih VE Pro?

    1.-Host. 32 bit system with Cubase 5

    2.-Server (via VE pro). 64 bit system with samplers (taking advantage of 8 Gb of RAM)

  •  also the answer is easy: yes ;-) christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  Hi Christian,

    That is great!! Thank you.