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  • Vienna Suite for Intel macs only?!

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    @Another User said:

    Formats AU, VST, RTAS (Mac OS X – Intel only), VST (Win)

    I read this on the spec list and had to do a double take. The new reverb is not going to be available for PPC macs?! Does this mean the whole suite will not available for PPC macs as well?! Why not?! I can maybe understand developing for the newer platforms first, but please dont leave us PPC users out in the cold.  

  •  in my opinion time has come to start dropping PPC since actually apple announced to not support 64bit snow leopard for PPC ...

    convolving is a high performance task and the PPC platform shows a significant lack of it meanwhile - i can't see a good argument now for doubling the codebase to receive an inconvenient result .


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Death comes to us all...  Computers too...  Now bring on a 4-8 core i7 MacBookPro with 16-24GB possible ram!  (for under thirty thousand dollars) [:D].


  • Of course we all eventually upgrade our main systems, but when I do go intel, I was planning on using my PPC G5 as a VSL slave in conjunction with Vienna Ensemble & Vienna Suite. This "intel only" approach may force me to rethink my VSL studio, as it seems silly to be forced to throw out a perfectly good computer and purchase new intel macs in order to run Vienna Suite on a slave. I really hope its just the reverb thats intel only, though this obviously sets a bad precedent for future development/updates to the suite being Intel only. 

    IMO the ability to use VSL on a PPC slave is a VERY good reason to continue development for the PPC platform. I thought VE/VS was the Grail for large orchestral compositions as it allowed us to put ALL our computers back to work with only an ethernet cable. Please dont take this ability away from us! 

  • I think that it is hard to drop the ppc platform, but apple is going to release a new "just Intel" platform with Leopard.6  / Vienna is running on Leopard.5 not so fast and stable as on Tiger. We all Intel-Pro-Users waiting for the VSL 64bit software upgrade for Mac OSX and I am very sure that it is possible on the "just Intel"-platform. Leopard 10.6 is controlling the multiprocessor ability and this could be an advantage for all app-suppliers. With the next Logic for 10.6 in the late summer the 2GB file-limit is over and many other advantages will come. You can see some new features in the next Final Cut Studio in June 2009.

    I am working without any network solution via Slave, my Vienna Instruments are working great, but need a loooong first-loading time. I can use till 38 Vienna Instrument tracks (each configured with a Vienna Instrument, not Ensemble) at the same time, my processor is working on the first core-bank with almost 95 %, the other banks are used by maximum 10 percent: because of the 32bit platform and no multiprocessor support. To use the other banks of the cores, we need a 64bit upgrade and I am very sure that I can use more instruments at the same time as I am using now.

    Finally, the time has come to develop just in direction Intel. Sorry for my statement.

    Vienna - team, awaiting your suite update 1.1. Thank you for your great work and assistance.

  • I dont disagree with your statement info_26670, so no need to apologize. We can still have everything you asked for while keeping PPC support available for those who wish to use PPC's as slaves. IMO it doesn't have to be Intel OR PPC, it can be Intel AND PPC (without some of the advantages 10.6 might offer). 

  • I just got back from five weeks abroad, saw the email announcing Vienna Suite, and was scratching my head last night when the Convolution Reverb showed up in the docs but not my installation. So tonight I visisited the forum to see if anyone else was having the same problem, and found this thread about dropping PPC support.

    I'm not going to argue with the pragmatic decisions of a small company, but I'm confused as I thought everything was done as Universal Binary these days and that it wasn't any (or much) extra work to support PPC's (assuming the processing power and memory are sufficient). Does this programming paradigm change with 64 bits?

    Unfortunately, my plan to buy an Intel Mac upon my return was derailed by an unpleasant economic "surprise". But it appears I am using Vienna Suite 1.1, as that's what it identifies itself as after the installation. I guess only the Convolution Reverb is excluded from being validated by Audio Units startup tests in DAW's?