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  • is the Spring offer over?

    I want to get the Percussion DVD but the discount appears to be not active, even though today is April 15 and the offer "says on or before April 15" (unless of course this is on Vienna time, though it should only be 7:00 pm in Vienna).

  • The offer says that you just have to have the special edition libraries registered by April 15th.  The actual spring promotion wording for picking and taking advantage of the promotion assuming you met the earlier requirements says THROUGH April 15th.  Which would include today, and exclude starting the 16th of April.

    The front page of the website says "Spring offers THROUGH April 15th".  That direct statement is an inclusion of the 15th, not an exclusion.  Even if they meant it to expire on the 14th, the wording used doesn't support it.  If I am wrong about what they meant, there will be explanations to be had [:D] because I put in an order since today was payday.


  • misunderstanding - the spring offer gives you a free extended, not a discount .... we noticed your order, you will receve the free extended library after registration completed


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  •  Awesome, thank you!

  • Christian,

    Can you please confirm you did in fact receive my order email?  I am getting antsy and wanting to pull the trigger on the buy now options on the website lol [:D].  If that will speed up the process and make it easier on your team.


  •  your email reached the sales team ... i'm assuming they are already busy proceeding your order ;-)

    happy downloading btw .... christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Woohoo the suspense is killing me (in a good way)!!  We need to setup a T3 between VSL and my home because I will be downloading for days lol!

    *holds vienna key in hand tapping foot awaiting serial numbers*  lol.  I cannot wait to try out some of these new instruments!  This is the best gift I have bought myself in years!

    I suspect this is going to positively affect my upgrade cost to the DVD libraries correct?  I seem to recall each one I purchased had a pretty substantial "credit" deducted from the main DVD library cost.