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  • VSL Choir

    I am thinking of buying this female voice download.  Is this library going to expand?  Right now it seems to be only oo and ah.  Will there be more material with ee, eh and oh etc?  Will it be a free update for us who own it already or a completely seperate purchase?

    Hope to get this answered before the spring offer runs out because I might take advantage of 3 downloads before it ends.



  • I'm sure when the VSL Choir Library comes out we will all be going oo ee ah! [:D]

    On a more serious note, it has been a while since we've heard about any new libraries coming out I wonder if anything slipped out at Musikmesse?  I doubt though that there will be a free upgrade to the full choir library although there may be a modest discount who knows?

    Regardless it's a great little library and adds that little something extra to your music...



  • Yea I will definitely want the full choir some day, but for now I simply mean the "females" choir here.  Will there be additional vowels added to this portion of the choir, free of charge for us who own it.  Or will we pay again when you do EE, EH and OO?

  • Unless the VSL team are being particularly generous I'd say you'll need to pay again.  Mainly because the Choir was already free to first edition cube owners (or some early adopter group - I forget exactly which)...