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  • From perfect stage to perfect room.

     Now that with MIR we will have a perfect stage, how can we improve our rooms and make them perfect as well?

    We can find everything from 5 euros foams in supermakets to 1000 euros super-mega-panels.

    In any advertisment the x-brand is the ultimate and best.

    It's not so easy to make a decision because we cannot try it before buying it.

    How did you treated the Namm and Musikmesse "cube" room?

    Can you give us some good advices?



  • Sergino,

    You are absolutely right that the acoustic environments many people work in leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes I have to shake my head in disbelieve when people happily buy some esoteric audio gear for thousands of Euros / Dollars, but are to greedy to invest the same money for something that _really_ matters: Acoustics. Good monitoring situation almost automatically lead to good results.

    The bad news first: Proper acoustic treatment of a room is _never_ cheap. Plus: It will most likely need an expert to get real enhancements (instead of just a different, but not necessarily better situation).

    The good news: Once you have a working environment, it won't get obsolete or unhip. You can use it for years without the need for an update. ;-)

    Our "Cube" was designed by the same specialists who planned and built our editing suites and the Silent Stage:



    ... in other words: Proper acoustics is not just about "the quick treat", but a serious undertaking which costs some serious money ---- but it helps! 8-)

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library