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  • New to SE and needing some help

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    I'm fairly new to VSL having used other libraries that shall remain nameless here.

    Following buying SE I re-mixed, in fact re-everything except the basic form and instrument numbers I used when composing this a couple of years ago.

    The instruments used are: violin, clarinet, piano, oboe, basson, violin.

    Working in Cubase 5 and using only the Reverence vst for space as I don't trust Altiverb through 32bit bridge.

    I'm looking for some tips on how to improve instrument control and general depth and separation in this cue.



    Pee Ree Odd Drama

  • Hi Ray

    Can't offer you any expert advice with my system (my ears, not my monitors!).

    The violin seems a bit distant in comparison to the other instruments, and from the percieved distance maybe the stereo field is too wide?

    Sounds good nevertheless. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    All the best


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