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  • Some GUI enhancement suggestions

    Hello VSL team. I was wondering if the power panner in Vienna Suite could have more diagonal lines in between for more accurate visual adjustments(every quarter perhaps). Also maybe the power panner in Vienna Ensemble could have these lines in between, and could have the abilty to be enlarged, when double clicked on, for instance. One final thing, perhaps the VI channels and the bus channels in VE could be distinct. During a on going fast workflow I noticed that, one might not be able to identify which is which, at a fast glance. Perhaps, while the VI channels stay as they are, and the busses will be maroon, or a neat dark colour. or maybe 60% gray. Thanks for all the rest!!

  • It would be great to see which Preset you've selected somewhere in the GUI.

    That should be simple to do.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Jack. This is something we discussed internally already, it might very well be that we'll see that as part of a future update.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library