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  • Re: The SE PLUS articulation folders keep disappearing fromt he matrix assign of the VI


    I wonder whether anyone out there has a similar problem that I am having.
    I bought the SE PLus about a few months ago. I already had the SE installed in the computer. When I first installed the SE Plus, I can see the articulations of the SE Plus in a seperate folder in the patch assign of the VI. I have not been using the VI either in the standalone or within the Sonar for a while. To my surprise, when I open the VI, I cannot locate the advanced folder in which the articulations of the SE PLus are located. The SE PLus was present in the directory manager. I downloaded the latest the syncroft key and VI as suggested by Stefan from VSL and try to reinstall the SE PLUS from the disc that I purchased. It worked ie the articulations for the SE PLUS appear again the patch assign of the VI but then they disappeared after a few days. I have not made any changes to the VI or the directory manager at all.
    My system is Pentium 4 duo core 2 Gig of RAM. There is still plenty of memory left.

    Please help. Thanks


  • Hello Tim,

    I have just replied to the mail you sent to support.

    Happy Easter,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul
    I tried to defragment the hard drive. It is about 2years ago and fairly fast( 10000 RRM). Thank you for trying to help me and put me in the right direction. I remember reading somewhere that the VI needs to have about 25% of frree hard drive space for the VI to work properly. I deleted a few files to free up the space and so far it is working fine.

    The support at VSL is first class and thank you again