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  • "Reves d'Enfants" orchestration


    This is my first piece here:

    Its called "Reves d'Enfants" from E. Bozza. It's 2nd year piece for my saxophone students. I've made this as a backing track.

    One day in finale and another in Logic.

    Samples from old (2nd hand) Horizon series (waiting for my SE + SE plus) and few strings from EWQLO.

    Next one with SE!

  • This is a pretty piece.   I'd like to hear it with one of your sax students playing along.



  • Thank's Jay. [:D]

    It's a beautyfull piece for Alto Saxophone and Piano. It was an exercise to me to orchestrate (not very well, but very quickly!)

    I promise I'll upload the recording of all the backing tracks I've made for my class of saxophone.

    We have an audition/concert next May.

    Any comments about the use of af articulations, sequencing... PLEASE! I want to learn

    Jay, are you saxophonist?

    PS: Excuse my English!

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