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  • Ensuring Logic is setup for 24-bit samples

    This is a continuation of my search for "more performance".

    I read my Solo Strings box and realized the samples are 24-bit 44.1k native (I totally forgot about this).  That's beautiful because we need that additional bit depth but how can I be sure Logic is setup for those settings?  I don't see anything clear cut in Logic saying "24-bit" other then the check box for "recording bit level" and I don't want it having to convert etc on the fly and suck up resources.

    In the past with Cubase I had issues where my environment was setup with 16-bit and so anything I threw at it (Gigastudio 24-bit samples) had to be converted on the fly (My buddy with protools has the exact same issue when his environment is setup for 16-bit and tries using 24-bit samples).  Takes him 20 minutes to open up the project.  Only 5 when it's setup for 24-bit.  That used to beat my systems ass!  Perhaps the same is happening here and I might get even more performance out of this machine.



  • If I remember right the Logic mixer in v.8 is up to 64 bits wide. But it's at least 32, so don't worry about wasting resources. The only intervention you need to be concerned with is a dither plug-in if you need to go down to 16 bits.

  • Thanks Nick.  Also had that confirmed from the Logic Team.  Said it handles them in 32-bit.  I should have asked them but a thought just crossed my mind.

    Should I be bouncing my tracks and using dithering since these are 24 bit samples?  I have never in the past but it just struck me that maybe I should be?


  • If you're just bouncing the tracks for your own use, no need to dither. The only time you need to dither is when you bounce to 16-bit files, i.e the last stage if you're going to burn a CD.

    <br><br>Dithering should be automatic, really - the programs should know when you're writing a 16-bit file.