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  • VE PRO Preserve Feature

    An interesting thought came to me earlier about the Preserve feature in VE and whilst the s/w isn't out yet I wonder if the VSL team could clarify.

    My understanding is with Preserve you can switch projects in your DAW (Logic/Cubase etc) and the VE template will not need to reload.  Now my question - do you "preserve" individual tracks or the entire template?  It might be nice to be able to mix this feature.

    To illustrate.  I have a standard template in VEPRO with the first 12 instances fully loaded up and these act as my "base" template which I use on all my projects.  Some projects though will need additional instruments over and above my "base" template and I'd like the ability to load these with each individual project, say Concert Guitar and Cornet.

    Does VEPRO allow for this or does it only preserve the entire loaded template and I would therefore need to have a seperate instance of VEPRO with Preserve disabled - or just use individual VIs in my host's project?

    Hope this makes sense.



  • Hello Tim,

    for now, you save the entire template. If you load another song, that will use the same samples plus some more, loading up VE PRO will be much faster, as you already had so many samples in your RAM (try it out in VE 2 or VE 3: load a song, unload it and load it again).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul

    Thanks.  I've already noticed that behaviour in VE3. Are you saying it's the same in VEPRO or that in effect VEPRO doesn't even unload the samples if they are "preserved" and therefore switching projects in the DAW is much much quicker still.



  • Hi,

    for now, VE PRO behaves the same way as VE 3. We will have to finish our tests before we can go into more detail. I donĀ“t want to promise anything we canĀ“t hold. VE PRO is at least one month from release, so we will definitely do some fine-tuning.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • VE Pro does not unload anything from memory - it is kept completely free running, independent of the host sequencer. When loading up a new project or an existing one, you can choose to load the VE state saved with the project - or to keep it running freely without any changes.

  •  Nice! [:)]