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  • Journey to India demo woodwind

    Hello again,

    In the Soprano Choir demo (Voices) what is the exact woodwind instrument that is played as the melody at the beginning of the beautiful piece Journey to India, by Guy Bacos []? I contacted Guy and he said it's one of the English horns. He thought it was EH 1. Which one is that, Viennese or French? As far as I can tell there isn't a clear identification with EH 1 = French, or Viennese on the site. This relates to a previous question on this forum. Sorry for the redundancy [8-)].

    And while were at it, in the Solo Special Woodwinds demo, by Guy Bacos [] what is each instrument, in succession? I think Bass flute is possibly first, Oboe d’Amore second (?). Then what instruments come next?

    I'm trying to decide on which instruments for the sale. Tough to narrow down, they are all so awesome!


    All the best,