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  • New to Vienna Instruments ... wow

    Just ... wow,

    Searching for a good Woodwinds library was not easy. Composition (and the recording of that music) is really just a hobby for me and I have never generated any income from it. Spending $$$ on libraries therefore has always been a difficult decision. But I'm particular about wanting my music to sound good.

    And so after 5 years of slowly building my sound library, I have finally arrived at my first VSL Intrument, the Woodwinds I DVD library.

    And so.... wow. It's just... wow. I was very worried from the get-go. Would it sound good? Could my computer handle it? Would the registration be difficulty (I'm new to USB dongles as well)? Would there be lots of copying files here and there?

    I started off by inserting the Software CD... and what's this??? A Video guiding me through everything step-by-step??? Ummm... that was unexpected. I'm too used to clunky manuals and guides "Create this -> right click this -> copy this -> oh and it changed after we printed this sheet so be careful" ... grrr. The installation video guide was much appreciated and got me loading my first matrix in no time.

    So I load up my DAW (Sonar), add some quick reverb since I know VSL is dry, and then load up the Flute Legato. I played 1 melody line and pretty much became giddy. Exactly what I wanted.

    Well there's no reason to bore you further but of course all the other instruments sounded wonderful. I will definitly be getting the extended library in the near future and I'm even considering getting the standard version of the SE Strings & Strings Plus to replace my orchestral strings.

    So... yeah... wow...

    Thank you everyone at VSL for living up to your reputation and Hello VSL forum members. I'm looking forward to joining the community.... I'm sure there are questions soon to follow ;)