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  • Removing Vienna Suite


    I downloaded the Vienna Suite Demo, and now that it expired it is a pain when I start any of my DAW programs since it stalls the plugin loading process.  How do I uninstall it altogether so that I don't get all of the error messages for each VS plugin that has expired?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hello O,

    an uninstaller will be integrated with the next version.... sorry for the delay.

    For now, please remove the plug-ins manually from Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  I was also wondering about something with the VSuite...i know the manual states the directory for the custom saved presets, but on my Vista 64 machine, that folder\directory simply is not there.?

    So how do i locate the presets i save?

    Becouse you cant erase them from the Plugin GUI, and id like to remove or possible "archive" some of them.


  • Thanks Paul!