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  • Vienna Ensemble stand alones in Logic 7.2.3


    I'd like to use several VE standalones along with Logic 7.2.3. I've read several posts re: this but I'm afraid I'm still confused.

    Do I need a program called Soundflower to do this or can I manage with just Logic? If it's easier to do this with Logic 8 then I could upgrade if necessary.

    I'm  absolutely clueless when it comes to the Logic Environment so if I need to fiddle about with this I'd really appreciate an "idiots guide"! I'm not great with all the techy stuff, so need really obvious instructions when piping one thing to another through buses etc.

    I'm on OS X 10.5.6.

    Any help very gratefully recieved!


  • Hi Jamie,

    please find a very detailed description on creating a Multi Instrument in Logic 7 here:

    <Use Multi Channel Audio Instruments as multi timbre synthesizers>:

    HereĀ“s another tutorial from our User Forum:

    <Using VE as a multi-instrument in Logic 7 or 8 - Tutorial>

    IĀ“ll write a more detailed e-mail to you as soon as possible.

    Kind regards & happy easter,