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  • Vienna Ensemble 3 installation and general use

    hey, new to the Ensemble I really need two Vienna keys for this system to work on 2 computers ? I can't seem to authorize my second computer for this use...also - anyone succesfully using 3rd party AU's with the Ensemble slaved to another computer ? would be cool since Protools 8 still sucks for instruments...

  •  welcome buttwings,

    every computer which shall run a VSL product needing a license also needs to have a key attached holding this license.


    in your case it appears you like to insert ViennaEnsemble 3 into PT, connect to a slave and loading ViennaInstruments there, so the answer would be NO.

    remember: the license has to sit on the computer you are opening the VE3 interface and loading the instruments - VE3 on the MASTER does not need a license, but to be installed, it opens only the connection dialog.

    if you'd like to run ViennaSuite on the master when loading ViennaInstruments on the slave and the answer would be YES since also ViennaSuite needs a license.


    opening VE3 for third party is announced without a specific timeframe, but in the not so distant future.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.