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  • Convolution Reverb (NOT Mini MIR) in Vienna Suite...

    Just downloaded the demo of VS and must say that I was very impressed with both the sound quality and with the ease of use due to a very responsive visual design. Probably the cleanest EQ I have ever heard among software EQs.

    1. Is Convolution Reverb in VS a scaled down version of MIR? Will it be sonically similar to MIR?

    2. Will there be an upgrade path for VS users to MIR?

    3. Does the power panning plugin use the same algorithms and sounds the same as the powerpanning in VE?

    4. What will be the price of VS after the increase?

    Thank you.


  • Thanks for your interest, Sasha.

    The Convolution Reverb is an independent development. It isn't intended to be seen as "Mini MIR". The only part they have in common is the actual convolution core engine. As far as I can say, there is no planned upgrade-path from the Vienna Suite's Convolution Reverb to Vienna MIR.

    The Power Panner follows the same technical principles as the panner of Vienna Ensemble, plus additional options and features.

    The new pricing scheme will be announced on our website soon.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for the reply, Dietz.

    Is there any way to audition the VS reverb before the price increase? Frankly, the VS reverb is what triggered my interest to purchase the VS, since I already have several nice plugins including the Universal Audio ones.

    If the VS reverb is not out by the 15th is it posible at leat to hear some comparisons of the VS reverb to it's competitors and/or to MIR so one can make a decision and license the VS before the price increase?

    Also, what's the technology behind the FAT button in the Compressor, how did you realize it?

    Thank you.


  • I agree, it would be great to be able to hear the reverb before the 15th deadline. Also, will this reverb allow us to load in 3rd party IR's or will it only support IR's that come with it, or are offered by VSL? 

  • Hello,

    as with every new product of the VSL, there will be a transition period before the price increase for the Vienna Suite.

    You will also be able to load your IR´s, of course.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    I am confused. I thought the price was going to increase on the 15th of April. Are you saying that the price will increase after the reverb is released?



  •  I didn't see a release date anywhere. Will this be May 15, the last day of free update offer or sooner?

  • They said it would increase after its release, not after April 15th.  April 15th simply ends the Spring promotions.  They never gave a release date.  I suspect that they have a few things up their sleeves for us after the spring offers fade away.  I do however remember reading the May 15th date, but we were assured we would have time to demo its release before the price increase.  So I wouldn't panic about not getting time to demo it before the premium increases.

    I await just like you for its release as I will be buying the Vienna Suite based on the performance I get from the Reverb Plug.