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  • Vienna MIR Premium Edition


    I am just writing this post as a sort of request for MIR Premium edition. I understand why MIR can be seen as a mixing end point and therefore you route the audio out of MIR to an audio interface. But I would like to request the ability to send the audio back over the ethernet back to the DAW also. And here is why :

    I have a Mac DAW machine and a PC Vienna server. So I send my midi over to the PC and I use MIR to create the large orchestral music. But I also have electronic elements on the track, such as loops, Stylus RMX, synths etc. If I could route the MIR audio back into Logic, then I could mix the orchestral section from MIR with my electronic elements in Logic and bounce out the final mix from Logic.

    I know that I could route out one audio interface on the PC back into the audio interface on the MAC but that would A) Mean I need to purchase 2 audio interfaces, B) Could produce latency that Logic will not be expecting and C) Alter the sound based on the audio interfaces converters.

    I know this is a lot to ask for, but as it is already provided functionality in Vienna Ensemble 3, you do have the technology. I think it would only increase the selling point of MIR and would rival such new reverbs as the Lexicon 96 for DAW integration.

    Just a thought!


  • Thanks for your input, Simsy!

    Rest assured that we have a bunch of ideas waiting to be implemented into Vienna MIR Premium. Of course we will try to make the integration of MIR into existing setups as painless as possible - but there are quite a few hurdles to overcome. Our developers are already investigating the solution you suggest.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • [quote=Dietz]Thanks for your input, Simsy!

    I would be the happiest person on earth if you would make the ethernet wiring possible with MIR!

    Oh VSL GOd! Please! Listen to your poor sheeps!!!