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  • Legato not working correctly

    Sibelius latest version. this hasn't happened before. I get a quarter note delayed pulse on sustained legato notes in solo strings.

    If it's a Halfnote i have two pulses of the notes and they are enveloped attacks. each attack has a slight crescendo on it.

    Any suggesions?

    This happend both wih a Phrase marking or just Legato written in....


  • Hello Lon!

    I'm not sure, if I understand your problem. Do the switches work correctly? Maybe you have increased the attack value of the legato patch in the Edit Cell section of your Vienna Instruments player.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hello Andi,

    No haven't changed anything. as soon as i put a Slur or Phrase marking over the Cello part it starts playing incorrectly. otherwise the switches work properly. Sul pont no problem.. pizz, sul tasto.. it's just legato gets screwy. it gives two bow strokes per half note. and doesn't respond correctly to eigth notes either. in fact it seems inconsistent even with that.


  • in fact it interprets the bow strokes on the upbeat too....

  • In Fact, it is certainly reading the Legato Key Swich because if I open the Control Edit dialog, i can see it jump to '4A' 255 VC legato when i playback the score. I just it doesn't play legato correctly. super goddamn frustrating. wrecking the creative flow on Two peices.

  • Hi Lon!

    Is it only the Cello or are all legato patches messed up? Does it work, when you play on the keyboard?


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Only Cello seems to be screwy. It does work when played on keyboard yes. I also checked the associations in the dictionary and everything seems to look correct.

    also i put a note about portamento not working from notation even after i added it in the dictionary.... on another post. this is for every solo string....

  • Our Performance Interval (legato-, portamento-, performance-marcato-) patches  are monophonic due to interval recognition. So if you write a slur (which triggers the legato patch), you are limited to one voice. If you want to notate more voices in one staff with a slur, you can exclude the slur from playback and thus avoid switching to legato. To do so, select the slur and go to the Properties window/Playback. Uncheck the boxes for play on pass 1-8.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Nothing polyphonic happening here Andi. A simple Melodic line in he cello part..

  • Interesting enough, in another score when I removed "Violincello" and replaced it with "Solo Violincello" in Sibelius it fixed the Articulation problem, at least for now.. No such luck on this string quartet. I've also checked all Channels to make such they are assigned correctly.

    this is making me nutz.... spending all day trouble shooting and not writing.

  • You have to be careful with choosing the right instrument in Sibelius. Use Solo Violin, Solo Viola, ... for solo instruments and Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin I, Viola, ... for ensemble strings. The program you choose on the manual sound set page has to match with the instrument.

    Beware of the Click! If not muted it can mess up an instrument. If you want to use the click, reserve a percussion channel for it (on the Manual Sound Sets page and in Vienna Ensemble).

    After changing (or updating) the sound set for a score, please always reassign all programs on the Manual Sound Set page.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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