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  • The Mission (NBC) Excerpt

    Testing a revised template using a few bars of Williams' The Mission Theme from NBC News.

    [url=]The Mission Excerpt[/url]

    I chose this excerpt because it's both lush and naked at the same time because of extremely efficient orchestration.  There's nowhere to "hide"; the samples either work or they don't.  Mix-wise, I want to pan the brass a bit more, but I've been focused on the soundstage.


  • Soundscape is quite large and deep.  Your brass as always sounds great.   Strings sound fine.   But the woodwinds sound a hundred miles away.  Percussion also seems a bit distant.   Of course this is only my personal taste, so please don't take it too seriously. 



  • Yep, I'm with you.


  • If you're looking for feedback, my main issue was with the strings, a bit under the level of the brass, which is great, no doubt your strength. :)

  • I've never been happy with my string samples.  There's always something missing.


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    @mverta said:

    I've never been happy with my string samples.  


    Who is? 😊

  •  The rapidly articulated violins at the beginning are not audible in their individual notes and sound smeared, and so a clearer articulation must be used.  Perhaps more of a layered detache/fast legato using divisi? 

    The rest of it sounds good. 

  •  I've just been listening to more Williams recordings.   His woodwinds are unexpectedly low level and far away.   Perhaps that helps make the brass seem even more powerful.   Interesting.


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