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  • Wedding Suite

    Someone asked me in another thread if I was going to post any of the music I wrote for my wedding...

    Instrumentation for all pieces is:

    3 Horns

    3 Trumpets

    2 Trombones





    The orchestration is a touch fat; needs trimming, but the actual performance sounded great so I may just let it alone for a bit.  In any case, there were 6 pieces written in all; here are 3 of them.  I've turned off transpositions so the scores are in concert pitch.  Enjoy!


    [url=]Prelude Mock-Up[/url]

    [url=]Prelude Score[/url]

    Honored Guests

    [url=]Honored Guests Mock-Up[/url]

    [url=]Honored Guests Score[/url]

    Procession of the Bride and Groom

    [url=]Procession of the Bride and Groom Mock-Up[/url]

    [url=]Procession of the Bride and Groom Score[/url]


    P.S.: There are one or two "nods" in the suite to well-known cues from a couple of our favorite films.  By "nods" I mean 4 beats, but you can't miss them.

  • As always your work is nothing but great, congrats Mike both on your wedding and the music. Why did you decide not to have strings or woodwind and focus on the brass section? It's an interesting choice and i think that your were able to retain your own "sound"  even without strings or woodwinds, that's cool.

    Congrats again Mike!

  • My wife wanted a very regal quality to the music, and there was only so much room in the church!  The brass section was flexible enough that I could do intimate things as well as fanfares.  I supplemented just a touch with the timpani and harp, to get the sound I was after.

    Thanks for asking!


  • Congratulations Mike. [^]

    Your wife is not related to John Williams is she?  [:P]

  • Thanks for posting Mike. Does indeed sound regal and I'm sure it will have enhanced the occassion. Congratulations once again.


  •  Excellent writing!



  • Mike, thank you very much for sharing this.  Its a treat to be able to study your score along with the music.

    Best wishes for a long and loving marriage,

    Gregory D. Moore

  • No problem.  I wish more people would share their stuff! Actually, I wish more people would WRITE DOWN their stuff! Ha! :)  They'd get better, we'd get better, music would get better...  ahh.. a poetic notion, indeed :)


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